"Nikolas Meyberg, born 1989 in Ludwigsburg heard an early calling. 

It was at the age of nine when he debuted the documentary “Hoppel & Hoppeline”, starring his pet rabbits going by the same names.


Since then he's been pursuing his career with dedication and stamina.

When starting out as a freshman he had already made dozens of personal films.

After graduation, he did not lose any time and started out as a highly acclaimed youngblood in the commercial film industry.

Besides shooting commercials, he is constantly engaged in non-commercial projects, such as short films and independent web videos – always looking for unique perspectives, different views on life in all its gnarly, fascinating, always beautiful facets.

His work so far includes films for clients such as HTC, Mercedes-AMG,

Porsche and Tesla. 


Projects involving the band Linkin Park and personalities like Guillaume Néry, Melissa Arnot or Lewis Hamilton are some of the many keepsakes within Nikolas portfolio. He also proudly collaborated with players such as The Mill and Source Sound in order to make full-fledged film productions even better."


Alfa Romeo | Burkhardtsmaier | Daimler | Denza | EnBW | HTC | GQ Magazine | Infiniti | Leica | Maserati | Maybach | Mercedes-AMG | Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 |

Tesla | Porsche | Yutime | ...



BBDO | Florida Reklame | Gwantsi Productions | Leo Burnett | Musicbed | nhb | Oltrefargo | The Mill | Merkley & Partners | RSA Films | Sourcesound Inc. | Staud Studios | Swiss | The Elements Music | Warner Brothers | Wunderman Thompson | Zero Gravity Management | ...



Andorra | Austria | Canada | China | France | Germany | Italy | Malaysia | Portugal | Romania | Slovenia | Spain | United Kingdom | USA | ...


Baldur Eythorsson | Ekkehart Pollack | Gideon Merz | Jann Doeppert | 

Julian C. Steiner | Ottar Gudnason | Pascal Rémond | Tobia Sempi | Tony Kopec | ...


Bernd Schneider | Guillaume Néry | Hans Werner Aufrecht |

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf | Lewis Hamilton | Linkin Park | Melissa Arnot |

MoTrip | Rankin | …

“Constantly challenging myself has been part of my process from day one.”

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